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Wyze Camera Not Connected To Wifi

Are here in search of wyze tech support service?

Do not panic and click here for wyze tech support service the one-stop solution for wyze camera problems, also get rid of the connectivity error of wyze.

Wyze security camera has a lot to offer especially when it comes to the security and surveillance purpose of both residential as well as commercial properties. People have been always purchasing these cameras over any other security camera in the market because of its exceptional features and quality service which also include therenowned wyze tech support service.

Here are some basic perks of choosing the support service of wyze for your security camera:

  • You will get instant help to fix the camera.
  • You will get both online and offline support guidance for the camera issues.
  • You will get 24*7 helpdesk for guiding you throughout for the maintenance and troubleshooting off the camera.
  • Your camera and crucial data will be in safer hands.
  • You will save on time and money simultaneously by trusting wyze customer service.

There are many more benefits that you will get with our support services but in this particular article we are talking about solving one of the most stubborn technical problems where your wyze camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi.

What will happen if your camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi?

While we are here to enlighten you about how beneficial can wyze customer service be for you it is very important for us to discuss how how these connectivity errors can be hampering your experience with our camera:

  • You will not be able to enjoy the remote access facility of wyze.
  • You will not find any video playback or live streaming options.
  • You will not be able to make any changes in the settings of the camera.
  • You will not have any control over the cloud service account of your camera.
  • Your camera will not operate in the absence of Wi-Fi network.
  • Your camera is not going to get clear night vision or any recording at all.

In short you are not going to enjoy any facility of security service with our camera if your camera is not connected to strong Wi-Fi networks.

The reason behind such irresponsible and unfortunate conditions is any software issue which is hampering the IT background of the camera. So in such cases you just need to get the Wi-Fi connected to the camera no matter what.

How to get the connectivity error fixed for wyze security camera?

The only solution here is wyze camera troubleshooting service!! It is very simple but there are only two major reasons behind such connectivity error:

  • Internet issues

It means that your Wi-Fi router here is having a problem and you need to contact your vendor for fixing it immediately. You can know that there is a problem with the router if your wi-fi is not connecting to any other device. Meanwhile please make sure that you have enabled every problem mission which needs the Wi-Fi to run your camera.

  • Software issues

It means that there is no problem with the internet connectivity and there is some kind of technical or physical damage to the camera which is not allowing the connection of Wi-Fi networks. In such case scenarios you directly need to contact wyze tech support department which will further help you in fixing the problem with a custom resolution.


Now you know everything about the connectivity error and how you can fix it so if there is any problem with the camera which is opposing the connection issues then please directly contact us on our technical support number or visit the live chat section right now to register your complaint.

Once you do so our employees will book an appointment for fixing the camera and visit your property accordingly!!

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