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How To Change The Wyze Cam Wifi

How To Change The Wyze Cam Wifi:

There is a number of methods to change the wyze cam wifi. Wyze customers need to repeat installation process to change the wyze cam wifi. Below paramount steps are available:

  1. In First step, wyze customers need to open the wyze app on your smart phone.
  2. Secondly, they need to Log in into your wyze account.
  3. If wyze camera is switched off, then wyze customers should turn on wyze camera by plugging the USB cable.
  4. Wyze customers should hold the setup button near about 20-30 seconds till they do no hear “ ready to connect”.
  5. After completing all above four steps, they need to click the dots on the top right corner of the wyze app.
  6. Then, press the button” Add a product” and wyze customers can choose their wyze camera.
  7. After select the wyze camera, wyze customers need to select the WiFi network.
  8. Finally, the need to scan the QR code.

How to change the wyze cam wifi

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How To Change The Wyze Cam WiFi
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How To Change The Wyze Cam WiFi

NOTE: Wyze customer should check the wifi network range. They make sure that router has 2.4GHz frequency, as wyze camera does not work with 5GHz frequency. Sometimes, router support both frequency, in this situation, they need to check the configuration.

Change the Wi-Fi settings: How to change the wyze cam wifi

There is a example of wifi router configuration:

If router has 2.4GHz frequency. It represents in Wireless B/G.

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NOTE: Different routers hace different menu. Thus, they need to check the wi-fi configuration. Therefore, wyze customers are able to set up the wyze cam wifi for a new network.

If you face any problem then you need to contact our wyze support team. We have expert members with supportive nature to solve such kind of problems.

Factory Reset: How to change the wyze cam wifi

Factory reset plays a crucial role, because it is very helpful to remove the previous wifi network setting in the wyze app. Wyze customers should reset your wyze camera wifi setting, when they have new wifi network connection. Therefore, they do factory reset of your wyze app settings.

How to factory reset: How to change the wyze cam wifi

  • Firstly, wyze customers can long press the on/off button to factory reset until they do not show the flashing blue light.
  • After above step, when status light is begin to flash blue, then wyze customers can setup the wyze plug with the help of new wifi network on the wyze app.

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