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What To Do If You Can’t Access Wyze Camera Remotely Via The Internet?

If you are here in much of the technical support number for wyze troubleshooting then you certainly need to contact us via chat. With every passing day, the criminal activities are increasing not just in volume but also in value!! The world is gradually becoming a difficult place to stay in and especially when there could be any wrongdoing anytime and anywhere. And that is exactly why people choose to maintain certain safety rules that are to be the best by default.

Now when we are talking about the best security outdoor cameras then we have not avoided the peerless existence of wyze wireless cameras. These cameras are designed with every niche of technology which could provide you with the optimum security level that is second to none in the market. All its cameras are loaded with premium services like two-way talk, motion sensors, waterproof, HD night vision, wide-angle coverage, remote access, alerts and many more.

All these incredible features of these cameras by Wyze has certainly made an Opulent image not only because of its Quality Services but also affordability that is unique for the public. Keeping all this apart Wyze also believes in serving with instant resolutions for any type of Technical error. On the same note here we are providing an instant resolution for these scenarios when you can’t access Wyze camera remotely via the internet. If you are under the same circumstances then you can simply follow the steps given below:

  • At first, you must check that there is a proper maintain speed and frequency of internet connection and also the power sockets that the device are connected with are properly working!!
  • Then you probably need to search for the cameras IP address and open it on the web browser of your smartphone or system.
  • Once you copy-paste your IP address it will ask for your login credentials and then you can just, put in your login credentials and next you have to go to the settings.
  • Once you open the settings you can go to Basic> Network> Information. Once you reach the information part you will find the HTTP footer number which is set by default at 80 and you certainly need to change it to 3333.
  • After that, you need to follow the chronology of setting>  basic>  system> initialise and then you need to click on the reboot button.
  • Once the reboot has been completed successfully you certainly need to log back into your camera from the desired web browser of your system or smartphone by using the HTTP://(IP address):(Camera port number).

If you are still facing some problem in in this or you feel like there is anything that you need to know in details then please contact us on the above given number!!

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