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Wyze Cam Pan Setup: Wyze Pan Cameras Setup Guide And Specifications

If you are a new Wyze cam pan owner and looking for Wyze camera setup, read the setup guide below for optimal use of your Wyze cam. Wyze cam pan setup guide explains the specifications, how the wyze cam pan camera works and quick startup instructions. Wyze camera setup is easy and quick as these are DIY cameras and the end user requires very basic camera setup understanding. But, sometimes during the Wyze camera setup you might come across few problems and we will discuss about common issues and the Wyze support recommended troubleshooting. Click here to buy wyze cam pan instantly.

Wyze cam pan setup: Here are the basic component details to help you to know your wyze cam pan setupWyze pan camera setup guide

Wyze cam pan is the one of the best and fastest coverage cameras available in the market till date. Wyze cam pan actually cover the whole room in just 3 second and its full hd technology which provides 1080 pixels for recording and it auto-tracks the motion on 110 per second rotation speed. Amazing part of your wyze cam pan is its range, which records on 360 horizontal and 93 vertical range, it has 6 IR LED which increase the quality of the night vision. Wyze cam pan panel allows you to manually pan and tilt the camera on 360 degree viewing its pan scan mode provides you to surround the camera by rotating to preset position after every 10 seconds. The Wyze cam pan has 3.5 mm focal length, f2.3 aperture with super wide angle lens, night vision of the wyze cam pan is enhanced with night vision six infrared leds that distinguishes 18 shades of gray and provides clear images up to 30 feet’s, which simply means your night vision will be clear as the day. A Wyze cam pan automatically detects and track the motion within its field of view so you can always have a eye on your desired areas. The Wyze cam pan can also work with your Alexa and Google assistant devices and you just have to use your voice to view wyze cam live stream on any Alexa or Google assistant device with display, you can always ask things like “ok Google” or “Alexa” show me the kitchen area or the living room. So Wyze cam pan hosts really awesome features for a complete end user experience.

Wyze Cam Pan Setup

For the wyze cam pan setup lets start with the things you need to get your a wyze camera started To get it start, you will need:

Wyze pan Camera, iphone, Android Phone or tablet and make sure you have Your 2.4 GHZ WiFi network name and password handy so that you can set up the camera easily. The setup steps are not time consuming it will take very less time to setup your Wyze camera . You also need to download the Wyze application and create an account. Get your Wi-Fi network name and password handy. Connect the camera to a power source and wait 20 seconds until the status light flashes yellow. Hold the SETUP button until you hear a voice and follow the steps in the Wyze application to finish setting up your wyze cam pan setup.

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Step 1: Download and install the Wyze application on your device (phone or tablet) & Connect with WiFi. Download the Wyze App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once the Wyze app is installed, just open the Wyze app and login or create an account. To create a new account you have to Tap on Sign up on the app screen and then enter your email address, then enter your password twice You can tap the icon in the password slot to view the password and make sure you entered the same password in each slot. Tap “Continue” Follow the instructions in the app. Connect your phone to your 2.4gHz WiFi network as wyze supports this only.

Step 2: While setting up your wyze pan cam outdoor, make sure you use the included USB cable and power adapter. This will establish the right amount of power is going to the camera and counter performance problems. Using third party cable or power adapter can make your camera nonfunctional. The LED light will be of solid yellow color to let you know the camera has power. Once the light starts flashing, your wyze cam pan is ready for setup.

Step 3: Add New Device In The Wyze App: Wyze Cam Pan Setup

In the Wyze app tap the First_Setup.png button in the middle of the screen and then select wyze camera Tap and hold the SETUP button on the bottom of the camera till the time you do not hear the voice which will be saying Ready to Connect, press the next button in the app.

Step 4: Add Your WiFi Information: Wyze Cam Pan Setup

You will have to add your WiFi network name and the password and then press the icon in the password slot to display the password to make sure the password you entered was right, then press next.

Step 5:  QR Code Scanning: Wyze Cam Pan Setup

The app on the phone/ device screen shows you a QR code. Face the lens of your wyze camera toward the QR code on your phone. The camera will scan the QR code itself and you will hear QR code scanned voice, please wait. During the Wyze camera setup, some users can get stuck here as they don’t hold the camera at right angle and distance. If you’re having trouble scanning the QR code, hold your phone about 5 inches in front of your camera. It may take a while for the camera to scan the code and if it doesn’t scan, change the distance between your phone and the wyze pan cam outdoor slightly, Keep adjusting the distance until the camera scans the code, but hold on each new distance for a couple of minutes to let the camera adjust. If it still doesn’t scan, tilt the screen slightly if the light reflections not allowing the camera to see the QR code properly.  

Step 6: Finishing Wyze Cam Pan Setup

Once you hear “QR code scanned, please wait” tap the button in the Wyze app. Wyze Camera will then complete the setup. The LED light indicator on the back will flash yellow and blue, then flash blue, and when setup is complete, it turns to a solid blue and says “Setup is complete”.

Some users might face trouble with wyze pan cam outdoor setup due to camera, setup device, account, and network or QR code issues. Please reboot your camera, phone and WiFi router first as it can resolve most of the issues. During this process if you are not able to connect camera with your network or you get camera error, you can always try to reset wyze cam pan camera by just unplug the cameras and reboot your phone first and then try to connect with your camera. This simple solution can connect your Wyze camera to network and you can also reboot your router and try the Wyze camera setup process again. If you still cant connect with your wyze cam pan you can always contact Our Wyze support desk via phone or visit Wyze camera support page www.yze-support.com. Click here to buy wyze cam pan instantly.

How To Reset: Wyze Cam Pan Setup?

You have two options to reset the wyze pan camera first step is power cycling another is factory reset, in power cycling you just have to make the camera on and off by simply unplug it then plug it in again. Power cycle works most of the times as it helps with rerouting your cameras with the network. When the problem is intermittent, one should always go with Wyze camera factory reset option. To factory reset the wyze cam pan you just need to remove the micro sd card and then press and hold the setup button for 15- 20 seconds this button will be on the bottom of the camera after that you will see a solid yellow light flashing now your cameras are ready to pair, if you still having problem after factory resetting wyze cam pan you can always contact Wyze support helpdesk on via Live chat.

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