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Wyze Cam V2 Setup

Wyze Cam V2 Setup: Wyze Camera Support

Wyze cameras are easy to connect without giving much hassle, but if you are doing wyze camera setup for the first time and you have tried every possible step and still not able to make wyze cam v2 set up we can provide you instant help with few easy steps to make your wyze cam v2 setup successful, after following these steps if you still have a trouble fixing it, you can always have a professional assistance. There could be many reasons that you are trying hard for wyze cam v2 setup and still you can’t make it. You can always follow wyze cam v2 setup guide, or look for wyze camera not working properly article support. Lets find out common issues that you may face if your wyze cam v2 setup fails or not getting connecting to wifi etc, further we will be discussing the common problems during wyze cam v2 setup. We shall further explain the comprehensive wyze troubleshooting steps in order to resolve issues during wyze cam v2 setup.

Wyze Cam V2 Setup

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wyze cam v2 setup

Wyze cam v2 setup Find the proper and best place where you want to install your wyze cam v2 and plug it in to get started your wyze cam v2 . First of all you need to install the wyze app.

There are two ways to download the wyze app. It is one of the best apps while installing the wyze-cam-v2-setup.

Android customers can download the wyze app from play store of your andriod devices.

wyze cam v2 setup
wyze cam v2 setup

IOS customers can download the wyze app from apple app store.

Wyze cam v2 Setup: After completing above steps wyze customers need to click on the plus button to add a wyze camera. Plus button/ icon is located on the top left side. There is a QR code. QR code is essential to connect your cameras or start your camera. Firstly, you have proper internet connection to to connect your network.

Setup for this wyze cam v2 can takes a minimum 5 minutes.

Requirements: Wyze Cam V2 Setup

Wyze customers need below thing to setup your wyze cam V2.

  • Wyze Cam V2
  • Smart phone/ tablet
  • Wi-fi network name as well as password

Create or Sign in Account: Wyze Cam V2 Setup

Create or Sign in Account: Wyze Cam V2 Setup After downloading the wyze app on your on your tablet or smart phone. Wyze cam v2 customers need to sign in the account, if they have account on it, otherwise they need to sign up on the wyze app. For account setup wyze customers should follow below instructions.

  • Click on “Sign up” button.
  • Enter email address as well as password. Here customer need to enter double time as a security purpose.
  • Click on Continue button.
  • Make sure that you have 2.4GHz network connections.


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Wyze Cam V2 Setup

Plug In The Camera: Wyze Cam V2 Setup

Wyze Cam V2 Setup: After setup your cam wyze, customers need to USB cables or power adapter to plug in your wyze camera. You must check the proper power supply to prevent your wyze cameras. There is a small LED yellow light which tell us camera has power or not. when the camera start flashing as a result, cameras is a ready for setup.

Wyze camera v2 setup guide
Wyze Cam V2 Setup
  1.  Wyze cam v2 provide notifications of any type of motions as well as sound. Wyze-cam-v2-setup helps to detect the unauthorized persons or any illegal activities, which is happening around the wyze cameras.

2.  There is a set custom detection zones option is also available, with the help of this option wyze customers can drag the corners of the frame in it exclude areas.

3. Wyze Cam v2 cameras are suit to pocket.

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Wyze Support
wyze cam outdoor

3. Good Quality Video (1080p).

4.  Two way audio, video, motion and sound detection.

5. Person Detection.

6. Easy to use.

7. IFTTT Support.

8. Alexa Support.

9. Google Support.