In the Wyze app, press the First_Setup.png button in the center of the screen. Select Wyze Cam.


If you already have a device set up in your account, you can add another by tapping […]in the top right of the Home tab, followed by “Add a Product”

Press and hold the SETUP button on the bottom of the camera until you hear a beep and “Ready to Connect”. Tap the Next button in the app.


Step 4: Adding Your WiFi Information

Enter your WiFi network name and password. Tap the icon in the password field to display the password to ensure it was entered correctly. Tap next.

Note: Wyze camera support only 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. They do not work on 5 GHz networks. Most WiFi Routers that are 5 GHz also have a 2.4 GHz band as well. Make sure you are not connected to “WiFi name 5GHz”. SSIDs are limited to a 31 character length maximum.