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Wyze Camera Support

Wyze camera support is there to help, when you need product installation help and Wyze camera troubleshooting assistance. Find wyze cam outdoor camera support recommended troubleshooting for common Wyze camera problems. These common issues can be fixed quickly, however if you still need any help with camera installation service, Please dial our Wyze support number to schedule service.

Wyze Camera Support: Wyze camera not working

Your wyze  security cameras needs to be up 24/7 and if your wyze camera not working?, like WiFi issues, no video, not able to view image or can’t view cameras remotely? Here is a Wyze camera not working scenario detailed troubleshooting list or wyze camera problems and their solutions to help

You fix some of these issues on your own. The wyze surveillance camera troubleshooting is easy in general and most of you can successfully fix wyze camera not working issues. Find below the top camera issues and the methods to fix your wyze cameras not working properly. However, when you have specific needs for your wyze camera setup or installation, just Reach wyze support for further help.

Find Common Reasons Why Is Your Wyze Camera Not Working Properly: Wyze Camera Support

Wyze Camera Not Working : Power Issues

This could be intermittent. Always check the power cable or the battery according to your camera model as the issues primarily lies with loose or faulty power supply and battery life has ended. For newer IP cameras try replacing the batteries and that should fix the problem. The low power on your camera will result the camera loosing connection all the time, always check the cables for any damages, try new pair of batteries. For WiFi cameras and cameras in the NVR kit, try to use Ethernet cables to directly connect them to your router and see whether your device can be connected to the network successfully.

Wyze cam outdoor camera not working due to network issues:

Wyze Devices need to be connected on 2.5GHz WiFi network with a WPA/WPA2 protocol . Wyze camera devices cannot be connected to a 5 GHz network. How can you check what type of router you have:

  • New routers are often dual-band, with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
  • Most single-band routers are 2.4 GHz.
  • Wyze Devices will not work with WiFi networks that have a landing page or require a browser to

complete the connection. Common examples are hotels ,public networks,airports

How many WiFi networks do you see that belong to you?

  • If you have ONE network: If you only have one WiFi network name that belongs to you, it

should be a 2.4GHz network and will work with Wyze Devices.

  • If you have TWO or more networks: If you have two or more WiFi network names that belong to you, then you probably have a 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band router. If so, from your smartphone’s Wireless settings page, look at the names of your WiFi networks.

Wyze Devices need to be connected to a WPA/WPA2 protocol network.It does not support WEP due to it being less secure than WPA and WPA2.

Check Your WiFi Security Type on an Android Phone

Check Your WiFi Security Type on an iPhone

Check Your WiFi Security Type in Windows 10

Check Your WiFi Security Type in MacOS

If you have not been able to find the security type, you may be able to identify this via the settings on your wireless router. Each router may be different, so you may want to refer to the documentation that came with the device. Alternatively, if the router was set up by your internet service provider, we suggest you contact them for assistance. Change to the WPA/WPA2 Protocol

If your router is set to WEP you will have to change the setting via your router. To do this, look up the specific model for instructions, or call your internet service provider if you are using their router.

Wyze cam outdoor camera not working due to foggy image or video issue

If your Wyze Camera not working or it is showing foggy, blurry image or isn’t showing the way you expect it to, there are a few troubleshooting steps recommended by wyze support you can try to see if this resolve

the problem .

If you have a getting tinted image : how to fix

  1. Press the Live Feed option for the camera and allow it to connect completely.
  2. You can watch Night Vision through Auto On, and Off.
  3. Make sure that your firmware is up-to-date by going to the Account tab and then select Firmware Upgrade. Here you will be able to see if you have the newest version. You also have the option to Upgrade All if a new firmware version is available.

If you still cant fix the problem even after trying steps provided you above you can always contact or you have live chat option you can send screenshot of the issue to our wyze-camera-support team.

With the latest Wyze cameras which have motion detection feature you ll receive immediate notification of any movement made by any person or living thing or even the things which move even if you are many miles away from your cameras ,it basically provides security for your precious things , house , car or anything that you wanted to have a eye on 24 7, you can visualize your property from anywhere on any device and can provide the security.

Wyze camera motion detection not working due to network problem

wyze camera motion detection not working due network issue – if you have more than one wyze camera and its not working due to motion detection not working it could be due to network problem,first of all

you need to make sure that the wyze cam outdoor camera have different ip addresses and if you dont have the different ip

addresses of all of the cameras this can stop you from accessing one or all of the cameras you are trying to connect, you can find out your camera’s IP address by checking the camera’s directory. Once you find your

address you will be able to ‘ping’ it using your laptop or smartphone to test the strength of the connection. network status – if your wyze camera motion detection not working then press menu button select settings, select network then select network status after knowing the status check network security ,there are so many issues which can cause network problem, lets find out Wyze camera motion detection not working > how to fix

Motion detection settings: wyze support

This should be the first step to check if wyze camera motion detection is not working. The Wyze camera app has the Detection Settings that provides the option to set the sensitivity of your camera. Check your App settings and change if slider is set to lower range, the app settings slider has a

range of 1-100 and will adjust the percentage of changed pixels that are necessary to generate an event video. To change settings, go to your Wyze app and select the camera you have problem with. This will open the Live stream of the camera and click the settings icon on the top right corner and

select detection settings, it will show you the slider for sensitivity, which you need to slide and keep it above 95 in general.

Detection Zones: wyze support

Wyze cam motion detection not working because of wrong detection zone could be another issue as the wyze cam outdoor camera is guided to pick up motion in that specific zone only. The Wyze Detection Zone feature allows you to select a particular area that you would like setup for your Wyze Cam to detect

motion in. Everything outside that selected zone will be ignored and any movement in that outside area will not trigger an event Video. SO make sure you are highlighting the specific area which you would like to cover and make sure the camera angle is also adjusted accordingly. For cameras covering the main door it is recommended to highlight the specific area in detection zone to cover up the right area and avoid picking up wrong notifications of main road or vehicles passing by. Sometimes you camera might have been moved and angle is changed making the detection nonfunctional for that area. So adjust your camera angle and follow steps to turn on Detection zone:

Go to >settings> Detection settings> Detection zones>

Turn on Zone detection using the toggle option

When Detection Zone is on, you will see a box with boundary lines and drag the corners of the box to set your motion detection for the desired target area. The Detection Zone will be saved automatically in the App.

Wyze camera v2 setup guide
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Wyze camera no alert or no notification issues – wyze camera support

Some users may not get the Alert notifications for the motion detection and believe that the wyze camera motion detection is not working. This could be happening simply due a settings change, where the app notifications are turned off and the detection was actually running. Your Wyze app has the option to turn notification on/off, so first check if the push notifications are on. The Wyze app uses this to alert user when an Event is triggered by your Wyze Cam or Wyze Sense. Turning off push notifications bypasses all other notification settings of all your devices. However, It won’t turn off Event videos which will be recorded and uploaded to the cloud by default.

How to fix

To check for push notifications of a particular camera Tap the camera you want to check and it will take you to live stream

Tap the gear icon on the top right corner to access camera settings

Tap on the Notifications tab and use toggle option to turn notifications on/off for that device

To turn on/off all notifications

Tap the account tab and click notifications and you can use toggle option to turn notifications on/off. This will disable all push notifications

Now With all these common wyze cam outdoor camera issues troubleshooting recommended by wyze-camera-support, some users may not be able to fix their camera specific issues as this is a general troubleshooting guide for wyze camera support. We reuest wyze camera users to reach wyze support using the contact options like chat, email  to one of our camera expert for quick help.