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How to get Wyze rtsp for every wyze security camera?

Wyze security camera services are here to provide you exceptional security service for lifetime. It has focused on serving you with one of a kind security features that will provide you complete safety in and around your property. It has been investing it’s past years in evolving to create smart home safety products like wyze wireless security cameras to ensure that people choose its products over any other security brand.

The beauty of this complete organisation dedicated to security and smart home products is that it also provides you with wyze troubleshooting support services that will always find a way to smoothen your experience with its cameras. While we are talking about the renowned wyze security cameras it is very important to mention the brilliant features that will provide you explicit experience. These features will also include the real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) of wyze cameras that will provide you with next generation security features!!

What is Wyze RTSP?

 Wyze RTSP is a platform that is going to provide you streaming services for all the recordings in wyze cam V2 and wyze cam pan. Whenever you are going to connect the real-time streaming protocol with your wyze security camera you will be able to have a view of your camera location along with audio recording.

This platform is going to use both real-time transport protocol and real-time control protocol to stream the recorded live videos of your security camera. In other words it means that you are going to get exceptional quality real-time videos.

It will also allow you to control sections between a variety of endpoints which means that you can literally send the videos to the cloud for different devices through this platform.

How to connect Wyze RTSP with your wyze security camera?

Always remember that this wyze rtsp from where is only applicable for Wyze cam V2 and Wyze Cam Pan so if you are purchasing these particular security cameras then you can get the facilities of real-time streaming protocol.

Here are the steps provided by wyze troubleshooting services which you have to follow to to get the rtsp service for your camera:

  • First you can search for the link of the rtsp file of your respected wyze security camera.
  • Once you find the link please download it and unzip the file to rename it as ‘demo.bin’.
  • Next you need to just transfer the file into a secure micro SD card and insert it in your wyze camera after turning it off.
  • After then you need to to plug back the USB cable into your camera simultaneously by pressing the reset button.
  • Release it soon after the camera’s LED light turns solid blue.
  • After that the camera will automatically reboot and please do not do anything until you see that your wyze cam application is successfully working.

This is how you need to download the Wyze RTSP and insert it in your camera for further work!!

How to enable the RTSP service in your wyze security camera?

To ensure that your camera is successfully using rtsp service for providing you exceptional security facilities of cameras here are the steps that you should follow according to wyze support service:

  • First you need to login to wyze web UI after downloading it will show you the option of rtsp firmware.
  • After logging in to the web UI you must check the settings and click on advanced settings.
  • There you will find the option of rtsp once you click there it will automatically check the version type and so if it is correct or not?
  • Next you have to just create a username and password there and then click on the generate URL button.
  • URL has been created use your ID password and get the splendid benefit of the platform!!

Just in case, you find any kind of error of technical or physical type, then you can contact us on our wyze support number.

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