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Wyze Solid Yellow Light

wyze troubleshoot support

Wyze Solid Yellow Light

LED plays a crucial role in Wyze cam v1, wyze cam v2 and wyze cam pan. Number of people face problem with LED status light. They have same problem with it, but they put question in different ways such as wyze solid yellow light, wyze cam blinking yellow, wyze camera blinking yellow and blueyellow light wyze cam etc. Wyze Support website helps to solve all queries which are related to solid yellow light on wyze cam. For more detail you can chat with us. Here we provide some information about different light indications as well as we also discuss the steps troubleshoot each.

Wyze troubleshoot support
Wyze Solid yellow Light

Solid Yellow Light

There are some solutions in which the light status might remain yellow.

  1.     This problem is occurring after firmware upgrade or after camera firmware upgraded?  In this situation you need to flash your firmware to solve wyze solid yellow light  issue. 
  2.     Cables and wall plugs are available with the wyze camera. Sometimes, people are not using power cables and also wall plug as a result this problem is occur.  So, in this situation they need to switch the cables and wall plug that came with the camera to resolve wyze camera solid yellow light problem.
  3.     Besides this, if wyze customers are using a same cable and wall plug that came with the package of  wyze camera, then you should try to different power cable and wall plug, because some time, we can see problem with the cables( micro USB) and wall plug.

NOTE: If  the wyze cameras are working with different cables and wall plug, then you should Live chat.

  1.     If wyze customers are facing this problem and also wyze camera is daisy chained to another camera, then you need to try powering it directly.
  2.     After completed all above steps, if your wyze  camera has solid yellow light.

Wyze Camera Flashing Yellow Light

Wyze support number
Wyze camera flashing yellow light

Sometimes, wyze camera does not work or stop working as well as begin to wyze camera flashing yellow light. There are number of methods to wyze troubleshooting or resolve wyze camera flashing yellow light issue.

STEP 1: Wyze flashing yellow light issue occur when your camera is not able to connect to your wi-fi network. It is one of the simplest issues. In this situation, wyze customers should restart the wyze camera and for better result you should restart your wi-fi router and after that you should reconnect your wyze camera with the wi-fi router.

STEP 2: If  Firmware update is failed, then you need to rest your wyze camera to solve the wyze  camera flashing yellow light. For reset your camera, you need to hold the reset button on the bottom of the wyze camera. Reset button is press until the device reset.

NOTE:  You should remove your SD card before reset your wyze camera, otherwise, your SD card also reset in your wyze camera. You do not try to use knife to remove SD card from the camera, as sometimes, it causes for damage the SD card slot. You just need to push your SD card to remove it.

After reset your camera you can install SD card again.

STEP 3: After completed all above steps, if wyze camera flashing yellow light issue does not resolve, then you can get support to through live chat.

STEP 4: Wyze customers should power cycle the wyze camera by unplugging the power and after that again plugging the wyze cam.

STEP 5: If the Wyze camera returns to flashing yellow light, but it does not reconnect, then setup the wyze camera as a new device.

  • In wyze app, wyze customers can see HOME TAB , on the home tab you need to press the plus sign in the life side, after that you need to select “Add Device”. It is very useful to re setup a wyze camera. Follow the screen instructions to setup your camera again.

Solid Blue Light

A solid blue light indicates when wyze camera has properly been setup. If wyze customers get a blue light yet the setup has failed, in this situation, you need to follow below steps to resolve this problem.

  1.   First of all you need to close the app and then reattempt the connection.
  2.   If it is not worked properly, then you need to power cycle of the wyze camera and then unplug and plug it back.
  3.   After completed above two steps, this problem is not solved, and then you should change your internet connection type. If you have wi fi connection then you can change your network connection into wired network, or if you have wired connection, you can change your network into wi-fi or LTE connection
  4.  Moreover, power cycling the router, then reconnect your wyze camera or setup your wyze camera.
  5.  If this problem is not resolve after completed all above steps, please drop your number here for further assistance.

Wyze Camera Yellow Light Not Flashing

  1. If wyze camera does not show the LED Status light and when you press the setup button and you do not hear the Voice prompts. Then you need to try another power supply and wall plug. If you do not use same power cable and wall plug that included in package of wyze camera.
  2. If Wyze customers hear voice prompts and also setup is successful, then navigate to wyze camera setting, go to advance setting and toggle wyze camera status light off/on and the Wyze Camera LED Will turn on.